It’s For Your Own Good

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It’s For Your Own Good
Stars: Matthews, Burns:The setting for this story is, The Institute For Addictive Behaviour. We witness the arrival of two new inmates, Burns and Mathews. They are met at the door by the head nurse, who takes them to meet matron. They are issued with their uniforms, which consists of a medical robe that fastens at the back, and underwear.They are then both subjected to a medical examination, culminating in an intimate, and humiliating cavity search, to make sure they are not bringing any drugs into the institute. When the search has been completed, they are told that they must follow the rules, and any infraction of the rules, will lead to severe punishment.To illustrate what she means, Matron administers a sound spanking to both girls by way of a welcome, but warns them that they can expect much worse should they get caught.


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