Just Another Day 3

Friday, February 4, 2011


Just Another Day 3
Stars: Susan, Natalie, Miss Brown
Following on from the punishment of Nicole and Emily by Miss Robinson, and Sarah and Samantha by Miss Chambers, we now com to punishment of Natalie and Susan by the redoubtable Miss Brown. They too visited the night club, and in addition, Natalie stole a book belonging to one of the other girls. Natalie vehemently denies stealing the book, even though it was discovered in her locker. Miss Brown it seems has already made up her mind to administer an exemplary punishment to Natalie but first she decided to deal with Susan. This makes Natalie very nervous and also she knows she’s going to receive much more severe spanking. The other girls who are watching this punishment are told by Miss Brown to stand up and bend over their desks with their skits up and their knickers around their knees…………..


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