Kept In The Family

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Kept In The Family
Stars: Cassie, Julie,Paul
Cassie’s brother is married to Julie, but he has left her and Cassie wants to help she ask her husband Paul if Julie can come and live with them. Paul is not too enthusiastic about this, but reluctantly agrees
only after telling Cassie that she can stay he must live by his rules. It is left to Cassie to explain what the rules are and what the penalties are for breaking them. She explains to Julie that if she upsets Paul she can expect to be punished. And then gives her shocked sister in law a demonstration. Julie doesn’t really believe that Paul will really spank her, so agrees to abide by the house rules
anyway she doesn’t really have anywhere to go. The girls are chatting for so long Cassie forgets to cook Paul’s dinner. So when he comes in from work, he is not happy. This gives Julie to see firsthand just what is likely to happen to her. Cassie knows there is little point in protesting, and places herself over her husband’s knee to take her spanking.


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