Model Discipline 1 & 2

Friday, February 11, 2011


Model Discipline 1 & 2
Stars: Tasha, Yoni, Aleisha
In two vignettes shot several months apart a frustrated man (our intrepid Director Yoni), must deal with the annoying insecurities of two beautiful ladies ? the stunning Aleisha, and the incomparable Tasha Lee.In Part 1, following a photo shoot, Aleisha had complained about the way she looked in every picture. Although the entire BRP staff agreed she looked incredible, all Aleisha could do was whine and complain about the pictures. As he spanks her incredible backside, Yoni makes sure the model understands this kind of attitude and behavior is totally unacceptable.Part 2 takes place several months later, Yoni is at home, reading a magazine, when Tasha bounces in, asking how she looks in her jeans. When Yoni tells her she looks gorgeous, Tasha ignores him, complaining about their fit, and criticizing her looks.


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