Office Policy

Friday, February 4, 2011


Office Policy
Stars: Tasha Lee, Adele Phi
Maya (Adele Phi) is the secretary for a small marketing company located in a major American city.Her boss, Ms. O’Connor (Tasha Lee), a seemingly straightlaced type, has no problem leaving Maya alone in the office, fully expecting the younger women to do the work assigned to her. Unbeknownst to Ms. O’Connor, however, Maya has been taking advantage of her employer.Instead of doing her job, Maya has been spending her time cruising the web, looking at spanking web sites and chatting on the phone with friends. On a day when the young secretary mistakenly believes she has been left alone in the office, Ms. O’Connor overhears Maya bragging to a friend about how cushy her job is, and how she has really put one over on her more than likely “frigid” employer.An enraged Ms. O’Connor storms into the office and offers the naughty young lady a choice ? she will either be fired on the spot, or accept the spanking she so richly deserves.


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