On Probabtion

Monday, February 14, 2011


On Probabtion
Mr. Cooper is a probation officer who has unusual methods of dealing with the young ladies who have been sent to him. He feels that the system doesn’t work, so he has developed his own way of putting miscreants back onto the straight and narrow. Firstly we meet Miss Hamilton, a beautiful blonde who has been accused of fraud by the courts, and found guilty.She arrives late for her first appointment, which is something Mr. Cooper will not tolerate. He leaves her in no doubt what is about to happen to her, and explains that should he send a negative report to the courts, she will end up in prison. So as to emphasize his authority, he instructs her to lift her skirt, and bend over a chair. Once in this position, he administers a sound spanking, firstly over her white knickers, and then on her bare bottom, so she has been left in no doubt how she must behave in future.Miss Hamilton is eventually allowed to leave, and Miss Ashley arrives. She is a pretty brunette, who has been seeing Mr.


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