Overstepping The Mark

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Overstepping The Mark
Stars: Rachel, Paula, Susanna
Rachel is the head girl, and she appoints Susanna to become a prefect. Amongst Susana’s duties is the maintenance of discipline. To that end, she is entitled to punish the other girls, but only with spanking, she is not allowed to use the strap or the cane without the permission of either the head girl or a teacher. Very rapidly, she begins to exert her authority, and soon she finds a miscreant called Paula to punish, however, her enthusiasm gets the better of her, and following a sound spanking on Paula’s bare bottom, she gives the unfortunate girl the strap, followed by a hard caning. There is no doubt the naughty fifth former deserves to be punished, but Susanna has gone to far. She is discovered by Rachel, who completes Paula’s punishment. Rachel then turns her attention to the new prefect who must be taught a lesson. She receives the same punishment that she administered to Paula, who is allowed to watch.


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