Phoning Home

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Phoning Home
Stars: Nina, Paula, Miss Brown
Miss Brown is not pleased, it seems that Paula has been up to her old tricks again. She has been borrowing large amounts of money from a new girl at St Stripe-s. The new girl whose name is Nina comes from Singapore, and her rich parents have sent her to St Stripes top get a good English education. The other girls, led by Paula have been borrowing money off her, and leading her into bad ways. Miss Brown Questions Paula about this and, is not satisfied with the explanation. Very quickly we see Paula bent over Miss Browns desk, and receiving a hard spanking, on her bare bottom. We then meet Nina who not only is cheeky to Miss Brown, but also is found to be wearing blue nail varnish. Not surprisingly, Miss Brown does not approve, and proceeds to administer several strokes of the strap to Nina-s hands. She then instructs the new girl to bend over the desk. Nina protests, and keeps saying she will phone her parents in Singapore.


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