Prison Canings

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Prison Canings
Our new and extreme video production – ‘Prison Canings – Volume 1′ shows some of the hardest CP you will see on video. We were approached by 3 female friends who all wanted to experience a very authentic, severe and ritualistic thrashing.We suggested the following plot to which they all eagerly agreed. A new regime is implemented in women’s prisons – all new prisoners at all women’s prisons have to endure a caning across their bare bottoms. We see two chained young & pretty offenders strip-searched and verbally abused by two male prison officers. The first is then quick-marched in full prison irons to the punishment room where the stark prison whipping horse awaits her. The second inmate soon follows and receives her stripes too. We then see an inmate who is already serving her sentence brought in. Since she has tasted the cane twice before, she is sentenced to the birch. All of these punishments are totally authentic and are given with a judicial grade cane and birch.


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