Monday, February 14, 2011


Stars: Miss Taylor, Miss Sullivan, Mr. Dent
Miss Taylor, and Miss Sullivan work for a very conservative law firm, as secretaries. Their boss is Mr Dent, comes into their office to find out why they haven’t completed a very important document. He is shocked to find that Miss Taylor has come to work, wearing the clothes she wore the evening before at a nightclub, and which are most inappropriate for the office. Both young ladies know how Mr Dent deals with office discipline, as both have been subjected to it before.He tells them to meet him in the firm’s conference room, that evening. The girls really love their jobs, and are resigned to accepting the punishment they know they are going to receive. Mr Dent wastes no time, but gets down to the task in hand immediately. He begins by putting Miss Sullivan over his knees, and after pulling up her skirt, begins to administer a very hard spanking.


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