She’s Got No Right

Friday, February 18, 2011


She’s Got No Right
Stars: Samantha, Trudy, Miss Parker
Trudy has been sent to Miss Parker again. This time she has a junior girl called Samantha with her. She warns the new girl about Miss Parker. Samantha has never been subjected to corporal punishment before, but as we shall see, that will soon be put right. Trudy is wearing her school uniform, but Samantha is wearing her highland dancing outfit, which not only looks very cute, but gives Miss Parker easy access, to this naughty girls bottom.As is Miss Parker’s practice, she puts Trudy over her knees, and begins to administer a firm hand spanking, firstly over her navy knickers, and then on her bare bottom. Samantha mean whilst watches the punishment with some trepidation, knowing that very soon it will be her turn. When Trudy’s bottom has reached the required shade of red, she is instructed to stand in the corner, and Samantha is told to take her place.She too receives a long and hard hand spanking which leaves her bottom bright red and glowing.


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