Winners And Losers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Winners And Losers
Stars: Grace, Miss Taylor
Two pretty, but naughty schoolgirls are sent for by the headmistress because they were caught entering a wet tee shirt competition in the local pub. She tells them they may expect a very severe punishment indeed. She begins by administering a sound over-the-knee spanking to the pretty blonde. She then continues to spank her whilst the unfortunate girl is standing up with her hands on her head. Miss Taylor comments on the redness of the girls’ bottom, and decides to make this a contest to see whose bottom is reddest. Grace, the naughty brunette, then takes her turn over Miss Taylor’s knees to receive her spanking. She too is told to stand up with her hands on head to receive further punishment from Miss Taylor. The enormity of the girls misbehavior has made Miss Taylor so cross that she makes the girls kneel up on a chair to receive the strap. Each girl is given twenty five strokes and their bottoms become redder and redder.


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