Chubby Spank

Friday, April 29, 2011


Chubby Spank

A plump, curvy, voluptuous girl with a lovely round ass is the target of domination by her tall, slender female companion. Totally nude except for sexy heels, the chubby, but not obese, girl with a shaved pussy is fondled, paddled, and groped, as her dominant takes delight in her pliable flesh. The chubby girl breaks down in tears as her round ass is smacked and slapped and spanked bright red, and her body quivers with each unyielding blow. But there is a sensual edge to the play that makes the submissive girl want to be pleasing by taking the punishment being delivered by her companion.


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File Name : 0754_Chubby_Spank.wmv
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Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 00:32:49

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