Tasha Gets Tossed

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tasha Gets Tossed
Stars: Kelly Payne, Tasha Lee
Two years after shooting their first video together, two of the most popular women in spanking videos – Tasha Lee and Kelly Payne – get together to renew their friendship and for an afternoon of reminiscing. What Tasha doesn’t know however is that her husband, Yoni, has played a trick on her.When shooting their first video together, The Girls of St. Thrashmore, Tasha’s character was receiving a spanking from Kelly. As Ms. Payne’s spankings go, it was a fairly mild one. But when Kelly picked up a tawse, she explained to Tasha she was now going to use a “toss” on her. Making fun of Kelly’s very “New Yawk” accent, Tasha asked with faux innocence “it’s called a toss?”Later, while creating the Thrashmore DVD, Tasha thought she’d have even more fun with Kelly, by titling one of the DVD chapters “It’s Called A Toss?” Unbeknownst to Tasha, Yoni has ratted her out to Kelly, telling her the whole story.


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