Trust Me

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Trust Me
Stars: Amanda, Bill, Hillary
Amanda is trying to persuade Bill who is a workaholic to take a holiday. She keeps showing him travel brochures, and nagging him to get away. Bill is in the latter stages of putting together a very big business deal, and doesn’t want anything to spoil it. They are arguing about this in bed, and Amanda foolishly keeps nagging him. She won’t stop, so exasperated Bill hauls his beautiful wife out of bed, and gives her a spanking. Later that day, Amanda speaks to Bill’s ex-wife Hillary, and asks her how she used to make Bill give in. The two girls meet up and Hillary suggests that they could sabotage the deal that Bill has been working on, just long enough to allow them to take a break. The girls get into Bill’s office and delete all the research on his computer.


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