Headmaster’s Wasp

Friday, May 6, 2011


Headmaster’s Wasp

Stars: Ruth Bottomley, Amelia Grimshaw

English spanking discipline at its most intense. Headmistress humiliates two naughty schoolgirls who have cheated on their exam, turning them into quivering, red-bottomed examples of what happens to bad girls. The girls are paddled, restrained, and spanked in a variety of poses that expose their young flesh and provide Headmistress wicked access to their tender asses. But Headmistress finds herself in trouble with Headmaster over this unauthorized punishment. Soon the tables are turned, as Headmistress Amelia Grimshaw must receive the same unrelenting punishment she inflicted upon her students. Ordering Amelia to bend over to receive her corporal punishment as he leers at her curvy ass and long legs in shiny stockings and heels, the Headmaster enjoys punishing his misbehaving colleague.


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