Kitchen Kaning & Teaching Discipline

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kitchen Kaning & Teaching Discipline
Stars: Sandy, Soma, Nik, Kaddy

Lessons must be taught, and these two hot spanking scenes are arguments in favor of good, old-fashioned corporal punishment, from OTK spanking to caning, especially when practiced on sexy, misbehaving babes. First its perfect-bodied Kaddy trying to avoid Niks admonishments to do house work. But Nik is not going to be seduced, and soon has Kaddys ass as red as her sexy shoes as he canes her, takes her over the knee, and spanks her firm ass. Nik manhandles her until she understands what happens when a girl doesnt do her chores. Then, a schoolgirl acting like a bitch meets her new tutor, a woman who teaches the bad girl a lesson with over-the-knee spanking, and a strap and cane.


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