Sent Down Part – 1

Monday, May 30, 2011


Sent Down Part – 1
Stars: Leia Ann Woods, Emma Brown, Richard Harris, Hannah Martin, Lucy McLean, Adam Smith

Emma, Leia, and Hannh get sent to prison where punishment must fit the crime. These three young, hot bodied girls with tender, firm asses need to be taught a good lesson. Emma gets strip searched and spanked hard by the Matron, while Leia gets a brutal ass-defiling caning. Hannahs defiant attitude does not serve her well, and her bare bottom is blisteringly brutalized and turned bright red with a hard and long spanking. The girls start out in their sexy street clothes, and are stripped before their paddling, spanking, and caning. Then they are taken for their physical exam, and become inmates who will no doubt receive many more punishments.


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