Slow Burn

Friday, May 20, 2011


Slow Burn

A voluptuous brunette in heels and sexy lingerie strips a sweet, dark haired, tight bodied Latina submissive down to heels and thigh highs, and uses her for spanking and paddling fun and games. The dark haired girl has her pussy pierced and shaved, and this slutty slave girl is totally overwhelmed by her strong, voluptuous companion. The tight, firm ass of the submissive is the target of thundering smacks and slaps, as the dominatrix demands affection, obedience and worship. She has turned her petite little girlfriend into a sensual object of pleasure, a fate the slave seems not to mind at all.


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File Name : 0804_Slow_Burn.wmv
File Size : 321.17 MB
Resolution : 480×360
Duration : 00:33:42

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