Something to Cry About

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Something to Cry About
Stars: Fiona, Miss Gillian Lancer, Mr. David

Fiona is a lovely young blond schoolgirl who gets in trouble for wearing her summer uniform to school. In her short skirt, knee socks and panties, Fiona is punished for her transgression as she is bent over and spanked bare handed and with a hairbrush. Mr David takes a great interest in her tender young bottom, and decides the disobedient naughty girl deserves a a good caning. Fiona must hold her hands behind her head, pull down her panties, and otherwise strike humiliating poses as smack after smack turns her round ass red. With Mr David and Miss Lancer the mature duo taking control of the situation, Fiona definitely has something to cry about.


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