Tasha’s Revenge

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Tasha’s Revenge

Stars: Lara, Jonathan, Kelly Payne, Eloise, Tasha Lee

In part 1, we see Tasha get it good from Miss Kelly Payne. We also find out that it was her husband who gave her up to Miss Kelly. Now that Tasha’s bottom is feeling better she decides to surprise her husband with a little punishment of her own.

He is confronted when he arrives home that evening. Of course he denies it at first but then a special appearance from Miss Kelly and 2 of Tasha’s best friends begins to jar his memory.

Now it is his turn to learn that fibbing on your wife is just as bad as committing the bad act yourself. So he gets a good sound spanking on his bare bottom over each of the ladies laps. He is then paddled good and hard until his bottom is bright red and he has learned his lesson that a fibbing can get you into just as much trouble.


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