St. David’s Boarding School For Girls – The Music Lesson

Friday, June 10, 2011


St. David’s Boarding School For Girls – The Music Lesson
Stars: Padgett, Mr. Jenkins, Cooper (Female)

When rules are broken at St Davids Boarding School, even if only being tardy to class, harsh measures are brought to bear upon the young asses of naughty schoolgirls. Cooper and Padgett, in white knee socks and school uniforms, learn that there is no tolerance for being late, and over the knee spanking is the drastic punishment. Headmaster is even more discipline-minded than the music teacher, as he paddles the two schoolgirls asses, turning their tender bare bottoms bright red. But perhaps more than discipline is on Headmasters mind, as the girls end up not only with their panties off, but without bras as well
tits, pussy and ass exposed to the harsh gaze of male domination.


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