The Great Escape 2 – Capture and Consequence

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The Great Escape 2 – Capture and Consequence
Stars: Leia-Ann Woods

The amazing misadventure of female prison inmate Leia-Ann Woods, as she tries cunningly to escape and finds herself the victim of all manner of brutal corporal punishment. A paddling scene with Guard Kennedy shows Leia in black thong panties, black thigh high hose, and red uniform pulled up over her ass to make way for an intense ass paddling. After a breakout attempt, she is caught and her totally nude punishment at the hands of the middle-aged Matron show Leias firm young body and ass subject to brutal abuse by the long arms and rough hands of the law. Finally, Leia is swatted outside, panties down and bare-assed, as her bright red behind speaks of her failed attempts at escape.


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