A Victorian Maid

Monday, July 11, 2011


A Victorian Maid

Stars: Rose, Florence

Rose, the head maid, is summoned by the caretaker, and must explain why Florence, the governor’s daughter has not appeared for breakfast. Rose tries to cover her whereabouts with an obvious lie, but it is soon learned that she had been out for a ride with Gregory, the stable lad.

When Florence is finally found, she is made to strip down to her pantaloons and receive a very hard spanking across her bare bottom. Not satisfied, the caretaker then pulls out a hard paddle, smacking it across her bottom
all the while she is looking sexier in her Victorian pantaloons.

Rose, too, is summoned and birched for her conspiracy in the cover-up. It’s a frightful experience for the girl and it leaves her bottom in a purple haze.

A lot of very hard strokes is enough to ensure that both women have received just reparations for their misdemeanors.


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