American Punishment Collections #19

Sunday, July 10, 2011


American Punishment Collections #19

After a good party Loren goes home with Nik for a little fun. Nik loves spanking girls but this will be Lorens first time ever doing something like this. He starts with a good over the knee hand spanking and follows up with a leather strap. Nest gets out his wooden paddle and works it very well on Loren’s firm bottom. Then another strap is used before finishing her up with his trusty cane. All this spanking really has Loren feeling quite turned on and Nik takes full advantage of it!

In our second story Chloe sees a new therapist, Sir Nik, but Nik isn’t your average doctor. He likes to use old fashioned discipline in his therapeutic practice. A Painful spanking is the best way to help his patients focus on life’s problems. He starts by warming her up with his hand and moves on to a few implements. To end her first session Nik decides to give Chloe a strong therapeutic caning. This is exactly the kind of therapy Chloe needed!

Our story is about a bratty student named Sandy. Sandy just got her last tutor fired but her new tutor, Soma, teaches her the discipline she needs. The good old fashion way! Soma starts with a good strong over the knee hand spanking and follows up with a leather strap. Then Sandy takes a good hard thrashing with a wood paddle. Soma knows the only way to teach sandy discipline is through the painful strokes of her trusty cane.


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