For Reparations

Thursday, July 21, 2011


For Reparations

Sarah is an attractive young tenant who is surprised to find her landlady in her flat, having previously heard that she would be away for at least a month. She’s a cheeky girl who is very typical of young girls these days, thoughtless and quite selfish. For a start Sarah had forgotten to feed the landlady’s tropical fish, so they had perished. Although that was bad, Sarah had pulled up the carpets and moved the furniture in order to have a party. The place resembled a building site.
If there was ever an excuse for a “knickers-down hand spanking” this was it. The landlady goes even further by paddling Sarah until her lovely bare bottom is a nice shade of crimson before taking her into the kitchen for a severe caning.
After this episode, Sarah runs of to tell her father, who is astounded by this. He then visits the landlady’s house threatening legal action unless she is prepared to accept the same punishment as she dealt out. She reluctantly goes to her cupboard and brings the spanking implements to him. He beats her determinedly in order to get full reparations (although with few bruises and welt ,arks, just for good measure!).


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