His Two Disobedient Wives

Friday, July 22, 2011


His Two Disobedient Wives

Stars: Clare Fonda, Zille DeFeu, Duncan DeFeu

Duncan weds an independent beauty, thinking a free spirit the best match for a traveling man, but when Iris proves a selfish, greedy and inconsiderate slut, her big, buff, hearty spouse can’t help but express all the rightful indignation of a wronged husband, by turning that shapely, sharp-tongued hellcat over his knee and spanking her luscious bottom until she cries. His first marriage over quickly, Duncan chooses as his second wife the equally beautiful (but even more secretly neurotic) Zille. whose antique habits of cooking, cleaning and wearing open bottomed girdles are at first beguiling, but soon begin to drive him mad. The meticulous, creamy-skinned redhead, with her endless compulsions and whims, soon finds herself across her bridgegroom’s big lap, receiving a series of sound, bare bottom spankings. Zille is successively spanked, tawsed and caned by her stern and determined authoritarian husband, until she promises to disobey him no more. With her stock seams straight, her garter straps perfect and her apron tied tightly around her trim waist, Zille is a mid-20th century dream. In contrast, Clare Fonda (as Iris), is a radical 21st century cougar, outrageous and hot. Zille’s real life husband Duncan is a determined spanker, delivering scoldings as only an Englishman can. Splendid action, engaging personalities, crackling dialog, and two vivacious young women fully bared and well spanked all contribute to the rollicking fun. Featuring the sizzling return of Clare Fonda as a spankee and introducing delightful life stylers Zille and Duncan Defeu to Shadow Lane.


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