A Dicey Situation

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



A Dicey Situation

Stars: Ashley Fires, Asia

Ashley and Asia get together often to play their favorite dice game. This time, Asia loses the first roll and has to be spanked first. (She always seems to lose the first roll!) To begin the playing, she rolls all five dice to determine how many minutes she’ll be hand spanked. She rolls a whopping thirteen minutes! After her searing hand spanking, poor Asia rolls again and wins herself an eleven minute paddling. Asia bravely endures throughout her paddling, even when the last stinging smack brings water to her eyes. So, when it’s finally Ashley’s turn to be spanked, Asia can’t wait for the roll of the dice. Ashley rolls sixteen minutes of hand spanking.

This pleases Asia, but Ashley isn’t so sure. Ashley, however, imp that she is, ends up enjoying her hand spanking as much, or maybe even more, than Asia… Asia is baffled as to how to handle this situation. Soon however, sixteen minutes of hand spanking are finished and it’s time for Ashley to choose her implement and roll for more spanking minutes! Her implement of choice? A large wooden hairbrush!

Is this naughty sex play? For sure, this video features a more cozy, intimate spanking style and Ashley and Asia, absolutely charming in their lacy, ruffled bikini panties and even more charming nude, warm up to their little dice game very nicely!



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