After Work Laughter Part 1 And 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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After Work Laughter Part 1 And 2

Stars: Nik, Loren Chance, Chloe Night

In our first story Nik is at his favorite breakfast spot enjoying a cup of coffee and a bagel. He gets chatting with the waitress and she tells him that a few of the other waitresses told her that Nik has a tickling fetish.

Well yes he does, so he invited over for some hands on tickling! In Part 2 we have Chloe Night. S he is a friend of Loren, the waitress at Nik favorite breakfast spot, and told Chloe all about her tickling experience. Well Chloe wants to try it too, so she gives Nik a call. He would be delighted to go to her place to give her a good tickling. When he arrives the tickling action begins.


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