Gate Crashers & Kaddy’s Tickling

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gate Crashers & Kaddy's Tickling0007_2_TI_Gate-Crashers-%26-Kaddy%27s-Tickling.jpg

Gate Crashers & Kaddy’s Tickling

Stars: Sandy, Soma, Nik, Kaddy

Sandy and Soma have just returned from a funeral. Soma decides to cheer Sandy up by tickling her once they get inside. As soon as Sandy is tied up and the tickling begins Soma realizes that Sandy didn’t even know the deceased man. She just wanted to go to the funeral and to the reception after. When Soma finds out about all this she really gives Sandy a good tickling. Soma ties Sandy up in four different positions and tickles her furiously. When Sandy is in her last position Soma decides to leave her and runs down to the news paper stand to see if there is another funeral to attend the following day. In our second film Kaddy is very excited to go shopping but before leaving Nik wants to try a few things first. He has a few new ties he wants to do on Kaddy and play a little tickling game. Kaddy goes along with Nik’s game thinking she may get something special when out shopping. Nik ties Kaddy to a stool and begins tickling under her arms, knees and feet. He then strips off her clothes and ties her hands behind her head with her legs spread. Nik just loves ticking Kaddy and before the two go shopping he wants to tickle her in one more position. This is a great tickling film you don’t want to miss!


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