Kaotic Tickling & Competition Tickling

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kaotic Tickling & Competition Tickling0010_2_TI_Kaotic-Tickling-%26-Competition-Tickling.jpg

Kaotic Tickling & Competition Tickling

Stars: Sandy, Nik, Liam, Krysta Kaos

Nik has a new model, “Krista Kaos”. She is coming over today for a good tickling session. As soon as she arrives she is bound to a wicker chair and tickled like crazy. Then she is tied with her arms and legs spread wide and the tickling continues, but this time h gets out his electric toothbrush. Her final position is bent over an end table which is on top of the dining room table, again with her legs spread and her arms tied tight. Nik decides to use some ice cubes, his electric toothbrush, and his fingers to tickle his new damsel into submission. This film is loaded with great bondage and lots of laughter!

In our second feature Liam gives Sandy a call and tells her about a big tickling competition coming up. He tells her that the winner will receive cash and prizes. Sandy is very interested and comes over immediately. She starts off tied to a chair and Liam starts pin pointing all of her ticklish spots. Next she is bound spread eagle to his table and Liam tickles her furiously under the arms legs and feet. Sandy is tickled in a few more positions then Liam tells her he will call her when it’s time for the competition. As soon as Sandy leaves, Liam goes down his list of girls to see if he can trick another girl into coming over for some more tickling action.


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