Monday, August 8, 2011


Alex returns home early one day to continue his work on his home computer. He is completely confused when he finds that his PC has somehow disappeared! He calls Maggy on her mobile phone, to ask what she knows about the mystery of the missing PC. To his absolute shock and horror, he learns that Maggy is right at this very minute at a “flea” market and she has sold his precious computer! Alex is of course beside himself with anger, as his PC is essential for his work and Maggy is well aware of this. He orders the girl to return home immediately. When Maggy arrives home, she knows what to expect and she is immediately hauled over Alex”s knee
her panties are ripped down, exposing her bare bottom to a blisteringly hard and prolonged hand spanking. Finally, when Maggy”s buttocks are very swollen and red, Alex releases her and demands that she returns to the market to retrieve his PC and that she had better not return home without it.


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