Friday, August 19, 2011




Maggy is desperate to go to a party to which she”s been invited, but Alex has forbidden her to go to it. Poor Maggy is so determined to go, that she has a crazy idea – once she and Alex are in bed, she waits for him to fall asleep and then she slips out of bed and sneaks off to the party, leaving Alex snoring. Unfortunately for Maggy, when she gets back the following morning Alex is wide awake and waiting for her

he is furious. He pulls Maggy over his knee for a long and very hard hand spanking, before moving on to a painful leather paddle. Maggy”s bottom is soon very red and sore, but Alex is still not finished with her and he makes her bend right over and touch her toes for the last few strokes – this causes her bottom to be taut so the leather paddle hurts even more.



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