Persephone’s Cruel Intentions

Friday, August 5, 2011


Persephone’s Cruel Intentions

Stars: Mistress Persephone, Mortsac

When we got Mistress Persephone together with super masochist Mortsac we knew we would have one hot CP video and we were not disappointed. Mistress Persephone attacks Mortsac’s ass with vicious fury unseen in any of her previous videos. Mistress Persephone beats Mortsac with every implement she could get her hands on including straps, thick wooden paddles, a bath brush, canes, dressage whips, a huge Lucite paddle, and singletail whips.


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File Name : 0066_SPFM_Persephones_Cruel_Intentions.wmv
File Size : 493.42 MB
Resolution : 720×480
Duration : 00:51:08

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