Footloose & Featherbound #11

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Footloose & Featherbound #110023_2_TI_Footloose-%26-Featherbound-%2311.jpg

Footloose & Featherbound #11

Stars: Lana, Deva Station

Do you like the lithe and supple lines of a barefoot? Enjoy watching and perhaps tasting their exquisite beauty? Then these are the storylines for you! Each has plenty of shots of the bare female foot…

Our first stars Deva Station and Lana in RUDE AWAKENING where Deva is treated to a less than orthodox method of punishment when she falls asleep on the job. How else can Lana punish her secretary? But soon the tables are turned when both girls are stripped, tied and mercilessly tickled.

In TICKLING 4-PLAY our more than ample blond and redhead learn that there are many kinds of erotic foreplay, none the least of which is a sensuous body rubdown. They quickly progress to ties, tickles and teases.

And in both TICKLING COMPETITION and TICKLING COMPETITION 2 we meet two pairs of equally beguiling and sensuous young women who quickly frolic to the wisp of a feather. They are in competition against teams of women at a charity event and each has to outlast the other in order to win. Who will outlast the other?


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