Giggling Girlfriends

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

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Giggling Girlfriends

Stars: Lana, Devin

Lana was delighted to hear from her old college girlfriend Devin. Darkly beautiful and exotic, she was in town for a short visit. After talking over old times Lana decides to introduce Devin to her new erotic interest.

Placing Devin in a bondage tie, she soon becomes a helpless victim to Lana’s tickling fingers. It’s not long before Devin’s formerly outraged cries turn laughter as she gets more into the spirit of thing s. Now she decides to tie up Lana and give her a taste of her own medicine!

Laughter fills the house as the two girls banter back and forth, each finding the other’s most erotic zones. Visiting has never been so much fun!


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