Hollywood Giggles

Friday, September 30, 2011

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Hollywood Giggles

It’s that time of year again, when a little extra money is needed. So these two lovely, young ladies scour the ads in the newspaper. Finding an ad for a modeling agency, they decide to call and arrange an appointment. After all, they’re attractive with firm bodies and smooth skin. What could be easier?Well they find out soon enough. It’s off with the clothes, and out with the ropes for a video screen test. After all, there’s more to modeling than just looking pretty. The job the agent is testing them for involves a lot of tickling action, and before the girls are sent to the producer, the agent wants to make sure they’re right for the parts. No time is wasted. The agent ties up the first girl, proceeding to tickle her all over. She slowly undresses her, tickling her all the while, until she is completely naked, and the agent is satisfied. Once finished, she is dismissed by the agent telling her that she’ll let her know. The ritual begins anew with the second lovely applicant. Is all this for real? Or is it just a ploy the agent uses to play with lovely young ladies’ bodies? You be the judge.


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