House Of Laughter

Saturday, September 24, 2011

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House Of Laughter

Stars: Jessica, Fawna

When two lovely girls spend an afternoon lounging beside the pool, there is no end to what sort of mischief they may find themselves in. And when Jessica splashes Fawna, the mischief begins. Fawna chases poor Jessica through the house, ties her and tickles her until she can stand no more, fortunately her struggles are not in vain, she frees herself but she wants revenge. Now it is going to be Fawna who is tortured with tickling fingers that know no boundaries, caressing her entire body, making her quiver from head to toe. Jessica is going to make Fawna pay dearly for the torment she withstood. This time the ropes will be tighter, no amount of struggling will allow escape.


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