Laughter At The Lagoon & Tickle Me Silly

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laughter At The Lagoon & Tickle Me Silly0028_2_TI_Laughter-At-The-Lagoon-%26-Tickle-Me-Silly.jpg

Laughter At The Lagoon & Tickle Me Silly

Stars: Soma, Master Liam Loughran, Lalo
Liam’s Lagoon Resort is the perfect place to have a Tickle Sex Party. Well after all the party is over and the girls are leaving, one of the girls can’t find her keys. Well our sneaky Liam has hidden them and convinces her to stay a bit longer and play some tickling games on their own. We’ll find the keys in a minute.

Soma and her girlfriend Lalo are quite kinky. Lalo returns from one of those Tickle Sex Parties and Soma wants to play! Lalo picked up a few items while she was there. Lalo is quickly bound and tickled beyond belief. This film has great ties and loads of great laughter from beginning to end!


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