Laughter Behind Bars

Sunday, September 4, 2011

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Laughter Behind Bars

Stars: Kristal Summers, Stacy Burke, Goldie Blair

Kristal is a new inmate and the prison guard decides to initiate her immediately. The initiation is tying her up and tickling the heck out of her. She starts by tying her down tightly to her cot and begins tickling her under her arms, legs, and feet. The guard then unbuttons her top to expose Kristal’s beautiful large breasts. She then ties her to the toilet tickling her all over her body. Now it’s time to pull off the rest of her prison outfit. Loads of tickling of her feet, tits and underarms continue.

The guard then takes Kristal to another cell where the two of them team up on another inmate. Stacy is woken up by the sound of the cell door, tied down and the tickling action begins. After a few different positions and lots of tickling the guard decides to take the two of them to the tickle chamber where there is a special tickling chair designed just for tickling punishment, but the inmates have a plan. They grab the guard and strap her to the tickling chair instead. Stacy and Kristal then tickle her furiously before leaving her naked and bound. Then they return to their cells before being caught by another guard.


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