My Dear Sister!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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My Dear Sister!

Stars: Chanel, Roxy Blue

It’s punishment time for Roxy. Chanel is stuck at home because her dear little sister loaned the car to her boyfriend. Well, since they must spend the evening at home, Chanel has decided to get as much personal pleasure out of the occasion as she can… at her sister’s expense, of course. Now Roxy, half naked and bound hand and foot, waits fearfully as her angry sister devises the evening’s entertainment. Chanel knows Roxy’s every ticklish spot. Bondage, tickling, laughter and desperate cries for mercy will continue into the night, until Roxy has learned her lesson. But all Roxy can think of is revenge. Somehow, she will get free, and Chanel will be at her mercy, bound and naked. Big sister has a few ticklish spots of her own.


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