Splash & Tickle

Monday, September 5, 2011

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Splash & Tickle

How can you explain three naked girls in a bathroom, tying each other up and being tickled? Besides realizing that they are just having fun, the people on the outside, say like a boyfriend coming home, will probably be quite surprised.

But let’s go back to the beginning…Two attractive young women are having some fun tickling each other in a Jacuzzi bathtub. Their friend comes in and wonders just what is going on! So they show her, and just for added pleasure they introduce rope into the action. They tie up each other’s feet and the tickling continues in the bathtub.

Then tie turns…once they are out of the tub, two of them decide to gang up on one another, tying her up and tickling her savagely. But then the tie turns again, she gets revenge on one of the girls. Who would have thought, that friends could be so merciful? This is a wonderful British Tickling Video that was shot in the U.K. Very Good ties and the young women are very ticklish.


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