The Laughing Hair Stylist

Monday, September 12, 2011

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The Laughing Hair Stylist

Stars: Michelle St. James, Clarissa, Dannual Lewis

Today, Bruce is styling two of his favorite customers, Michelle and Cassandra. They’re tall and shapely, and he knows that they have a passion for the erotic! In return for his favors, he trades them ties and tickles! Cassandra is first, her blonde locks immaculately coifed. Tied to a chair, her soft skin is readily available to his scrutinizing fingers. Michelle sits quietly by, slowly exposing the most revealing of smiles. She knows what is to come….

Soon, the nude and laughing Cassandra is allowed to rest, but in her place, we find Michelle. She is slowly stripped, tied and tickled. Bruce enjoys watching her large breasts quiver as she laughs aloud. In a grand finale, their naked bodies are lashed firmly against one another, and they are tickled relentlessly. Being a stylist has never been so much fun!


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