Tied & Tickled Classics 15

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Tied & Tickled Classics 15

As time goes on many “Old Wives Tales” and taboos that previous generations grew up on are found to be obsolete. And as people become more comfortable with their own bodies, they find myriad ways for pleasure. This compilation of Tickling Videos from California Star gives you just a glimpse of what may happen in the delightful search for satisfaction.

Three of the included videos portray friends who have incorporated ticking into their lives on a regular basis. TICKLING NUDIES includes two young women who take turns being the dominant part, tying the other and subjecting her to the joys of ticking torture. And in TICKLING VACATION friends are enjoying their time off vacationing together. And they are determined to make this “the vacation of a lifetime!” Additional excitement is injected into both of the films when a third
(uninitiated) attractive, young woman joins the action unexpectedly. The FUN AND FEATHER CLUB incorporates a slightly different version of an old T.V. show for entertainment at a monthly gathering of three friends. If only we could join them!

Unknowingly, another young woman’s fate is sealed when she decides to check out a new store. Upon entering she is overwhelmed by the bizarre array of videos and the unusual implements that are displayed on the walls. A conversation with the store clerk gives her the opportunity to get a little HANDS – ON EXPERIENCE as an actress in tickling videos.

Submitting to an unusual initiation ritual at a recording studio allows two lovely young ladies access to the enjoyment of ticking fetish. It also gives them a unique way to earn extra money. That is, if they can stop laughing long enough to record the sound F/X and voice overs that brought them to the RECORDING SESSIONS in the first place.


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