Tied & Tickled Classics 16

Friday, September 23, 2011

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Tied & Tickled Classics 16

This is a compilation of recent Tied & Tickled Videos from California Star. This delightful selection includes portions of the following titles. What better way to be initiated to our Tied & Tickled Fantasy series.
TICKLING TOOTSIES – These two tickling fanatics can’t get enough of their favorite fetish. They are quit devious at coming up with reasons for their boss to leave the offices. Their torturous ecstasy is almost too much to bear. Their screams of laughter only solidify the truth that each and every one of us would love to be in their position…no matter how brief that might be.
TICKLE ME FRIENDLY – Two attractive friends love to spend their time together telling stories and acting them out. This time the story told has quite a twist to it. “After I was naked and tied up, my boyfriend began to tickle me, talk about excitement! I couldn’t believe the sensations.” Intrigued by the idea, and when asked if she would like to try it, the other young woman said YES! Being tickled in all the right places proved to be very exciting!
SEXUAL HARRASSMENT – Darling you looked so sad at work yesterday. Why don’t you come over to my place today and I’ll cheer you up? It didn’t take long to bring a smile to her friend’s face. As soon as she saw the ropes and fetters, she knew it was going to be fun. The fun began as soon as she pulled off her panties to reveal her cute little pussy. With her legs tied wide open she was ready for some tickling torment. Each girl taking turns to do the tying and tickling.
TICKLING ON THE NET – Spending an afternoon “surfing the Net” is one way this attractive young woman likes to spend her time. She especially enjoys browsing the Tickling sites that she can find. However after spending several hours locating the web-sites that excite her she returns to find that all of the information she has so diligently saved has been deleted. She learns that her friend has deleted the “porno” stuff that she found offensive. To show her uninitiated friend what it’s all about, she proceeds to put her through a session of fun and exciting tying and tickling. The result is that there’s now another young woman who will be “surfing the tickling net.”
TICKLING R.N. – watch as an attractive, young novice is tied in a number of therapeutic positions and being tickled most effectively. This is to learn the best way to deal with patients that she’ll be caring for. Then to show her superior that she has grasped the idea of Tied and Tickling Treatment, the tables are turned and the trainee must put her supervisor through similar treatments. All with the knowledge that her job will depend on how well she performs. She seems to have grasped the idea quite well.


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