Tied & Tickled Classics 17

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Tied & Tickled Classics 17

Stars: Carmel, Trixxi

Tickling Shoe Salesman

Some salespeople will go to any lengths to make a sale. You will enjoy watching what this shoe salesman does to his lovely female customers in. But when it becomes apparent that the prices are too sleep, he offers them a mutually satisfactory agreement. Trouble is he gets the best of the bargain when he gets to undress them, tie them up and then put them through a rigorous tickling session.

Tickling Me Pussy

Tickle is the game of the game, and the action becomes fast and furious when one roommate decides that she has had enough of her roommate’s pussy cat. Given the ultimatum that the cat goes or both go, the roommate pleads with her friend to come up with another solution. The only other option to let herself be tied and tickled. Having no place to go, she reluctantly agrees. Not until she is stripped and bound does she realize just how unmerciful her roommate can be.

Slap & Tickle

Trixxi runs special kind of massage parlor. She specializes in tickling patients, lets see what’s in the store for Carmel when she arrives for her appointment. First, she is tied up and then she is tickled with an electric massager, blush bush and of course, Trixxi’s fingers. Soon Carmel turns the tables on Trixxi and puts her through a similar tickling session. Time flies, having so much fun, and they are unexpectedly interrupted and caught red-handed and buck naked by Trixxi’s next appointment.

Members Only

The tickling nudist club is the place to be tied up and tickled. Our newest member is put through the places today. First, she is tied down so that she can’t hardly move, then an accomplished member convinces her to strip off her clothes to revel her sweet little pussy for tickling with her feather and fingers. As the teacher continues, all she can do is scream for mercy, but this newly initiated does her revenge on her new friend in the end.

Sweet Lies

See what transpires when two roommates decide to try out some Bondage scenarios that they have found in a magazine. They promise not to take advantage of each other, but we are dealing with two conniving females here, so you can be sure any promises they have made are to be broken.

After a hilarious afternoon of being tied and tickled, they decided to subscribe to the magazines so they can come up with many interesting ideas.


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