Tied & Tickled Classics #18

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tied & Tickled Classics #180021_2_TI_Tied-%26-Tickled-Classics-%2318.jpg

Tied & Tickled Classics #18

TICKLING IN THE HOOD- Talk about home delivery! This video proves the point that you can have an orgasm just by being tickled. Bare skin, changing positions and ties, and a variety of implements are all part of the fun!! Very reluctantly, they have to end the fun, but we’re sure there will be more tickling sessions in the future.

SPLASH & TICKLE- How can you explain three naked girls in a bathroom, tying each other up and being tickled? Besides realizing that they are just having fun, the people on the outside, say like a boyfriend coming home, will probably be quite surprised. But let’s go back to the beginning…two attractive young women are having some fun tickling each other in a Jacuzzi bathtub. Their friend comes in and wonders just what is going on! So they show her, and just for added pleasure, they introduce rope into the action. They tie up each other’s feet and the tickling continues in the bathtub.

FAIR TICKLING- A unique traveling fair has comes to town chock full of interesting and unusual booths. Two attractive young women decide to go and check it out. Much to their amusement, they find a Tickling Booth where you can experience the sensation of being helplessly Ties up and Tickled with a wide array of tickling implements. Although they have never had the experience of being Tied and Tickled, this very much peak’s their interest, and they decide to try it.

TICKLING ASSIGNMENT- One day a beautiful young woman decides to go into a Specialty Agency for an interview. After learning just what type of assignments she would be required for, the owner has her strip just to see what assets she has. She then is put through the paces so that there will be no doubt that she will be able to handle any assignment that may come her way.


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