Tied & Tickled Classics Part 13

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Tied & Tickled Classics Part 13

Funny Bones – When the doctor is out to lunch, the nurses take turns playing patient and tickling is the prescribed treatment! Tied to the examining table, their bodies are bared to probing fingers and a variety of tickling instruments.

Tickling Aerobics – Exercise can be fun and in this program bondage provides isometric training while severe tickling fills the lungs with fresh air. Watch these lovely young women cavort while filling the gym with laughter.

Tickling Therapy – A lovely young trainee nurse makes a big mistake when she rearranges her supervisor’s files. The Head Nurse offers her an ultimatum
a tickling training session or dismissal. Will she submit?

Tickling Ph. D – Doctor Tickles has just finished examing his new patient, a beautiful
young woman. “Yes indeed, my school of Tickology will cure your ills!”, he informs her. And what follows is some feverish bondage and tickling action. Not for the squeamish!

The Tickling Game – Amanda likes to play games. Especially when she can touch her pretty girlfriend Papillion. So on this hot summer day with nothing else to do, the girls strip off their clothing and Amanda introduces Papillion to the Tickling Game. While she is being bound and tickled, Papillion finds herself quite aroused. She can’t wait for her turn to tickle Amanda and Amanda couldn’t be more willing.


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