American Punishment Collections #13

Thursday, October 6, 2011


American Punishment Collections #13

Stars: Sir Nik, Matty, Master Liam, Regan Reese, Alice White, Sula, Dr. Soma

Punishment of Sula

Sula has entered Sir Nik’s Discipline Quarters where she is told that she was spotted at one of the local strip clubs stripping for money. This is not proper behavior for a student of such a distinguished school. Leather straps, wooden paddles, and the swishy cane are soon applied to Sula’s pale bottom.

Dr. Soma’s Painful Rx

Dr. Soma is well versed in getting people off their meds by substituting disciplined spanking and sexual gratification. An unexpected visit by Matty gets the doctor started with girl on girl fondling followed by hard spankings using her special paddles. Leather straps and wooden implements bring her to tears with sexual gratification unsurpassed by recent encounters. Alice also receives a spanking that turns her bottom beet red. Allowed to pick a spanking implement that will be used on her, Alice sexually satisfies her doctor as they are brought to orgasm.

Corrected Co-Eds

Regan Reese has been sent to Master Liam’s in order to be disciplined. This college does not spare the rod! Caught working at an Titties Reserant she needs to distance herself from such behavior. She is given a hand spanking, the rough side of a leather strap and finally the thwack of the swishy cane. The next day Alice White is also harshly disciplined for being a repeat offender. So much so that we see a wooden paint stick shatter against her bare red bottom!


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