Fair Measures & The Punishment

Friday, October 28, 2011


Fair Measures & The Punishment

Mandy and Nichola are preparing to open a busy town bar for the day when a Trading Standards Officer arrives and forces the pub closed for the day while he investigates customers’ complaints. The girls are horrified, knowing that when their boss returns from holiday he will notice the decrease in monetary take that day and expect their dismissal.

They plead with the officer to overlook the error. He proposes one method of dealing with the problem. If they are willing to take some old-fashioned English discipline from him, he will give them a clean bill of health. They have no alternative and quickly bare their bottoms to him! He goes through a full repertoire of punishment before he pulls out the cane. The way the red welts form on their silky bottoms allows us to see that he is an expert with the implement!


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